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Screen capture of files encrypted by Dharma ransomware.

Have a business cyber security plan in place before disaster strikes!

Imagine this: You log into your computer and go to download the latest TPS report… except all of your files have wonky names and/or extensions.

That’s a cryptovirus, folks, a malicious type of malware.

Now what?

Well, if you prepared ahead of time, you call your IT provider, they unpack your business cyber security plan and get to work. Because they already know your network, they start immediately, tracking down the virus and restoring corrupted files from your backups.

If you didn’t plan ahead?

Now you’re trying to find a cybersecurity firm that has time to help you out. Then they need to time to get familiar with your network. Time to shut down the spread of the virus (if it can still be stopped). Time to isolate the source. Time to restore your files from backup. (You are running backups, right?)

How much time is this going to cost you? How much in lost productivity and lost sales? How much in your company’s reputation? Government and regulatory fines?

The Unpleasant Aftermath

No business owner wants to send out that “Security Notice” email to their customers and clients. The one that says, “We messed up.” The one that indicates that they never had anyone looking at their network security until now, after the fox has left the hen house.

No business owner wants to contact their compliance agencies or government agencies and report their mistake. And absolutely no one wants to pay the fines that can result.

Who is keeping an eye on your computer network? Who is monitoring for cyber threats, viruses, malware, and other internet risks? If you need help developing a business cyber security plan, contact TAZ Networks today!

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