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bank data security

Banks putting their data at risk puts other things at risk as well.

Like many reasonable, everyday citizens, you probably think that banks and other financial institutions are at the forefront of network and data security, right?

Sadly, you would be wrong. A recent study found that many U.S. banks are carrying major vulnerability risks and malware.

Here are some statistics noted in a related article:

  1. 95 percent of the top 20 U.S. banks, by revenue, have a Network Security Grade of a ‘C’ or below.
  2. 1,356 – that’s 19% — of the institutions showed at least one unpatched CVE, or Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (known virus, malware, or other infection).
  3. 75% of all financial institutions were infected by malware.
  4. The biggest vulnerabilities faced by banks are due to the use of legacy systems that run outdated software, yet these systems are still critical to the performance of daily business operations.
  5. Third-party vendors and partners provide essential services – but also pose some of the greatest security risks.

Obviously banks are a major target for cyberthieves. So how are financial institutions fighting back?

Many invest heavily in data security teams that mirror black-hat hacker groups in order to fight fire with fire.

However, hiring your own specialists in threat intelligence, incident management, vulnerability identification and data forensic investigation is cost prohibitive for (most?) small businesses. But even if you only have 10-15 employees, you can still have a team of experts on your side.

Don’t face your security threats alone! We can help:

  1. Make sure patches and updates are applied at release;
  2. Prevent, diagnose, and recover from virus and malware attacks;
  3. Recommend upgrade paths away from unsafe, unsupported operating systems, browsers, and other software; and,
  4. Provide the preventive care and maintenance your network and data need to remain secure.

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