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Shady-looking guy in fedora & sunglasses to illustrate untrustworthy sources of Windows licensing.

Would you buy Windows licensing from this guy? If you’re getting it at “extreme discount,” you might be.

With January 14 and the end of life for Windows 7 just a few weeks away, many small businesses are scrambling to upgrade their Windows 7 and Windows 8 machines to Windows 10.

While most of our clients have either already upgraded, or have approved replacing their old machines with modern ones, we still hear horror stories of people buying “discount” licenses of Windows 10 from shady web sites instead of official channels.

This is not right, folks.

If you’re paying less than $100 for a Microsoft Windows 10 license…

… you’re most likely not buying a legitimate copy.

… you’re supporting pirated software, and possibly worse by bad guys.

… you’re opening your company to malware and other viruses.

… you’re extending the time needed to properly set up the updated computer.

… you’re putting your company’s reputation at risk.

… you’re putting your company’s finances at risk.

Is saving a few dollars really worth it?

Microsoft offers many options for purchasing legitimate – and affordable – Windows licenses, particularly for business customers. These include monthly subscription, bulk licensing, educational pricing, and, yes, even free upgrades. For example, Microsoft offered a free upgrade to Windows 10 for a full year after its initial release. While that ship has sailed, there are many legitimate sources for Windows licensing. Don’t put your business at risk to save a few dollars.

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