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Artificial IntelligenceWhen you think of AI (artificial intelligence), tend to think of robots taking over the world. In this blog article, we focus on the AI that can grow your business; not take over the world. We are going to focus on how AI can help three areas of your business. All of these are easy to set up and automated, meaning that once you set them up, they should run without assistance. The three areas we will be focusing on are Customer Service, HR, and Cyber Security.

Customer Service

Client satisfaction is one of the most important things in the service industry. To make the client satisfied, communication plays a key role. One way it can help in this is by adding a simple chatbot feature on your website. This AI pulls from FAQs and other sources to try and provide the best answer based on the question given. Another way AI can help is within Marketing. It can target the best leads using the most cost-effective methods. This in turn makes the client appreciative because they are being targeted where they want to be. Ads aren’t being thrown in their face everywhere they look.

Human Resources

AI can help HR with the hiring process. Having a bot that looks for connections between the company and the candidate can save time. Also, this bot is completely unbiased. AI can provide employers with the highest quality applicants. It will also look at current needs in the company and find applicants that fill those needs.

Cyber Security

As an IT support company that provides managed services to hundreds of companies, of course, we are going to say that this is the most important section. Your cyber security protects your company from fatal mistakes. AI is used to help prevent these fatal mistakes. It reviews patterns within your company, trusted sources, and data to identify potential risks. Then the AI will react quickly to remove the threat. Let’s be honest, we all make mistakes. We shouldn’t have to worry about clicking on a look-alike email that could cost us thousands of dollars. Instead, this AI can help reduce the number of threats completely.

When AI is integrated into our companies, it can save us time. Valuable time that could be used helping elsewhere. We are busy, any minute that we can save is priceless. So no, applying this AI to your business is not going to lead to the end of the world. It will however contribute to a growing business and help you reach the next level.

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