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TAZ Networks staff enjoying the eclipse

We enjoyed the eclipse! L to R: Jesse, Jordan, Matt, Laurel, Heather, Stacie, Steve, Grant, Zach T. Photo credit: Aaron Finch

By Tavis Patterson, President of TAZ Networks

Well, we survived the great eclipse of 2017. Not too much darkness here in Michigan, but my kids are already talking about going to Toledo to see the full darkness (totality) in 2024. By that time, I’m happy to say they’ll definitely be able to drive themselves there. Our staff had a bit of fun with some vendor-provided eclipse glasses. I hope you got to enjoy the eclipse as well, and weren’t too inconvenienced by our impromptu eclipse party.

One thing that we’ve worked on here at TAZ Networks for 2017 has been accountability. It’s taken me way longer than I would like to admit, but we needed to have more accountability for certain areas in our Service and Sales departments.

What did we implement? Scorecards and improved dashboards.

Scorecards are 13-week reviews of key performance indicators that give us very specific feedback on whether we are doing a good job on our business goals. Our philosophy is that if we have the very best Managed IT services, then sales as well as referrals will be increased. We have always touted that we must be more of a service company than a technology one. These scorecards have allowed us to make sure that we are hitting our performance goals for such things as old tickets, consultant utilization, tickets per endpoint that we manage, and sales items such as recurring revenue and project revenue.

phone dashboard

A screenshot of our new phone call dashboard. First order of business is reducing that “Abandoned” number.

We welcome you to our office anytime to see our improved dashboards that help us keep a pulse on the daily activity of business. An example of our newest dashboard — inbound calls to the service line — is shown at the right. Our next item to work on is making sure to balance answering every call without overstaffing our service desk.

Can technology help make your staff more accountable? If so, give us a ring and we’ll do our part to share what we did and how to start.
— Tavis


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