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We interrupt our usual fighting of digital viruses to bring you some tips for fighting literal viruses.

We interrupt our usual discussion of fighting digital infections due to this particularly nasty flu season.

Have you had the flu this year? If not, you’ve probably had a flu shot or naturally have an amazing immune system. For the rest of us mortals, however, it’s been pretty miserable.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services reports that almost 400 Michiganders in just 5 counties have been hospitalized with influenza since October. Nationally, outpatient visits related to the flu are about three times the normal rate.

We’re not superhuman here at TAZ Networks, as several of us have been sick at least once since this flu season started.

So, while it may seem odd to get prevention tips for literal viruses from your IT company, we’re just as vulnerable to flu as anyone. Our consultants are in and out of a variety of offices all day, touching multiple keyboards and mice, and interacting with our contacts face-to-face.

Here are four quick tips for preventing the spread of literal viruses around your office:

Wash Your Hands, Please

We know, you are not six years old anymore. Still, too often people neglect washing their hands or do so improperly. A good rule of thumb is to massage soap into your palms and between the fingers, while singing the ABCs (in your head). Not only will this help you avoid ingesting germs yourself, but it will help prevent spreading germs around your office.

Sneeze and Cough Away From Your Computer

Sneezing only in your cubicle doesn’t keep germs there, unfortunately. Covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze is essential. Use the “Dracula” method instead of sneezing or coughing onto your hands. Keep a roll of disinfecting wipes in your desk drawer, and give your work area a frequent wipe down.

Which leads us to…

Clean Your Keyboard and Mouse More Frequently

It is a fairly easy process, and worth the effort. Think about it – you dug into the candy dish after multiple people at the office, you and Sally swapped TPS reports, you shook hands with a visitor and you used the doorknob to vacate the restroom. Then, you came back to your keyboard and started typing. You see where we are going with this. Check with your office manager for approved cleaning solutions on hand, make sure anything you use isn’t dripping liquids onto your equipment, then scrub down.

Don’t Eat Around Your Computer

This one is tough, since 62% of office workers eat lunch at their desk. About half snack there during the day, and 27% eat breakfast in place. Some of us do all three! But if you (or others) are coughing and sneezing around your desk, and you’re neglecting the frequent wipe-down, you’re basically… eating germs. No one wants that.

At the end of the day, your body does a pretty good job at fighting off the nasties that we call germs and bacteria. But, it could use an assist every now and then. Give the above a try, or, feel free to live in a bubble until spring. The choice is yours.

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