November 30, 2018

4 Tips for Flu Virus Season

News flash: We’re not superhuman here at TAZ Networks. Unfortunately, several of us have been sick since this year’s flu virus season started. While it may seem odd to get literal viruses prevention tips from Read More…


November 23, 2018

IT Project Planning for 2019

Quarter Four is prime time for business planning. Here are four IT projects to consider during your project planning for 2019: Compliance Do you view compliance as a burden or an opportunity? Sure, meeting the Read More…


November 9, 2018

Dharma Ransomware Attacks Remote Desktop Services

What is Dharma Ransomware? Dharma is what might be called a “true hack.” Rather than sneaking in through a malicious email link or attachment, Dharma infects your network by brute-force attack against Remote Desktop Services Read More…


November 2, 2018

What Do Your Clients Think of You? Ask Them!

Sometimes it seems that everything we buy — clothing, groceries, fast food, online transaction — comes with a survey request. After all, every business that cares about improving wants to know what its clients and customers Read More…

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