August 25, 2016

Would This Email Make You Panic?

Here is a screenshot of an email we received today. How would you react? Two things to know about Heather: She is extremely conscientious of our finances and reputation; and, She is well aware of Read More…


August 19, 2016

If Your Computer Was Human, How Old Would it Be?

Earlier today we posted a fun little link to our Facebook and Twitter: How old is your computer in human years? Here are some quick results: 1 year old computer = approximately 19 human years Read More…


August 17, 2016

Banks Fail at Information Security – What Small Business Can Learn

Like many reasonable, everyday citizens, you probably think that banks and other financial institutions are at the forefront of network and data security, right? Sadly, you would be wrong. A recent study found that many Read More…

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