July 10, 2020

Scam Email Breakdown – Know Your Boss Edition

Every so often, it’s fun to do a scam email breakdown, to show you what to look for so you don’t lose money, time, or data to hackers. Take a look at the screenshot of Read More…


June 21, 2019

We Took on the Gift Card Scam – What Happened Next

Are you in the office? A simple email, only five short words. In my Outlook inbox, it looked like a normal email from my boss. What it was, however, was a common phishing attempt — Read More…


April 5, 2019

Is Your Health Care Practice at Risk From Phishing Emails?

A recent study showed that health care employees clicked on phishing emails 16.7% of the time. That may not sound like a high percentage. Consider this, however: Cyber attacks against hospitals, clinics, and even small Read More…


December 7, 2018

What Small Business Owners Need to Know About the Dark Web

The Dark Web. It sounds like a scary movie for kids. And it’s often talked about like the next big cyber threat coming to destroy us all. But what is the dark web? Is it Read More…


August 3, 2018

Know These Phishing Email Subject Lines!

Do you know why you keep getting those annoying phishing emails? Because they work. Maybe not on you, but for every one of those emails, someone, somewhere has clicked on it. “Why?” you might ask. Read More…

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