June 2, 2022

4 Ways to Protect Your Password

I know, it’s time to move on from DinosaursRule123. You know, the password you created as a kid that still happens to be your bank password. In this week’s blog post we are going to Read More…


December 11, 2020

New Worst Passwords for 2020

For anyone responsible for computer network security, it’s one of the best/worst times of the year. Yes, it’s “worst passwords list” time again! NordPass presents this year’s list of 200 most common passwords, ranked by Read More…


December 14, 2018

It’s “Worst Passwords” Time Again!

For IT people or anyone dealing with computer network security, it’s one of the most fun times of the year. It’s that time when TeamsID releases their annual “50 Worst Passwords” list. Now, we’re not Read More…


June 1, 2018

A Quick Guide to Password Managers

by Aaron Finch, Network Engineer, TAZ Networks What’s the best way to create and manage secure passwords for your online accounts? While new security challenges pop up all the time, the basic principles behind creating Read More…


April 13, 2018

Video: Why Every Business Needs a Secure Password Policy

Creating a secure password policy continues to frustrate a lot of people. Every site has its own criteria requiring some mix of lower-case and capital letters, numbers, and special characters. And who of us doesn’t Read More…

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