August 20, 2021

“Hello, I’m From Tech Support” – How to Know the Real Deal

One of our fellow managed service providers had a case recently where a client received a call from “tech support” – except it was a scammer trying to get access to their confidential data. We’ve Read More…


September 30, 2016

A Brief Guide to Two-Step Security

With thanks to Stacie Studer. Have you heard of MFA or U2F? Both of these phrases relate to one thing… two-step security. We talk a lot about security around here because it really is a Read More…


April 7, 2016

Top 5 Ways the Masters Reminds Us of Great IT Support

I love Masters Week. It’s probably my favorite week of the year for a sporting event. Everything about it reminds me of the love I have for golf and the great game that it is. Read More…


March 9, 2016

CEO Tax Day Scam – Why everyone should read this!

Ah, tax day. It’s coming up quick. But if you’re not careful something that everyone gets could put your CEO and the CFO/bookkeeper/accounts person in hot water! A new twist on an old scam is Read More…

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