April 17, 2020

Cool New Tech from Apple & Microsoft

And now for something completely different… Depending on how you feel about Apple’s iPhones, we may have some good news for you this week. In addition, Microsoft is making some changes to Office 365 soon. Read More…


September 28, 2017

Cool New Tech – Catch-Up Time

SonicWall, Microsoft, and Amazon all announced some cool new technology this week. Between those and the Apple releases on September 12, we have some catching up to do! SonicWall SonicWall released new hardware and software Read More…


July 12, 2016

Yes, Your Mac Can Get Viruses

While TAZ Networks is a Microsoft partner and primarily supports Windows servers and workstations, we have a lot of iPhones around the office, and some of us even use Mac* computers at home. So, while Read More…

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