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Learn what you need to prevent, identify, and defeat cyber crime in our new Cybersecurity Basic Training!

How to Save $100,000 or More For Your Business By Being Cyber Aware!

New! Cybersecurity Basic Training by TAZ Networks

Is your business subject to state or Federal laws, such as HIPAA or FIPS, that carry heavy fines for lost or stolen data?

Do you have staff in the field, at higher risk of lost or stolen devices?

Are you liable for privacy of confidential information, such as personally identifiable information (PII) or personal health information (PHI)?

Could you face litigation if employees use personal devices to access company data?

Ignoring cybercrime threats can cost your business thousands of dollars. Fines for non-compliance, lost business, and hours of zero productivity can put a serious hurt on your bottom line.

What do you and your staff need to know to prevent, identify, and defeat cybercrime?

Introducing Cybersecurity Basic Training by TAZ Networks

Many computer users know the basics of internet safety, but keeping up with the explosion of new threats towards businesses can be difficult. We’ve developed our own cybersecurity training that covers:

  • Management-level network security decisions to help prevent cybercrime, and
  • Basic cybersecurity training to help everyday users identify and defeat cyber attacks.

What Every Business Needs and Why

The first session of our training focuses on business-level decisions that owners and managers must make. These are the behind-the-scenes items that help prevent a cyber attack from destroying everything you’ve worked for. Taking the right actions – such as training staff and implementing the right equipment and software  – can drastically reduce the threat of cybercrime to your business.

  • How Do Cybercriminals Target You?
  • Network-Level Protections You MUST Have
  • Policies that Protect

How-To For the Everyday Internet User

According to a Verizon study, phishing attacks caused 90% of successful network breaches in 2016.

Whether it’s a clicking a fake link to a malicious web site, downloading a virus, giving away information due to social engineering, or not setting a secure-enough password, almost every successful hack requires the actions of an unaware end user to work.

The second session is for anyone who uses the internet for business – almost everyone! You and your staff will learn how to identify and defeat cyber attacks, including:

  • How to Set Strong & Secure Passwords That You Can Actually Remember
  • How to Spot a Scam Email
  • Multi-Factor Authentication – Double Protection for Your Accounts
  • Adblockers – More Powerful Than You Might Think
  • How to Fight Ransomware
  • Operating System Updates – Why So Important?
  • How Spam Protection Defends Against More Than a Full Inbox

End users are on the front lines of defense for your business. It is critical for business owners and managers to be sure staff members have the training they need and correct policies in place so they are best-equipped to protect your critical business data.

Join us for our next 2-hour session on Wednesday, October 17. Here are the details:

Date: Wednesday, October 17, 2018
Time: 8:30 AM registration; program begins at 9 AM
Location: TAZ Networks office – 9434 Maltby Road, Brighton, Michigan Please note: this is a location change.
Cost: Free for TAZ Networks managed services clients; $29/person for all others.

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