Backup and Data Recovery in Brighton, MI

backup data recovery brighton

Backup and data recovery solutions for Brighton, MI businesses

How long could your Brighton company stay in business without any of your data? Backup and data recovery needs to be a priority for any business.

What’s your data recovery plan? Does it meet all your industry regulations? Is your backup secure and at an offsite location? Has your backup been tested in the last 30 days?

TAZ Networks offers two data backup solutions for Brighton, Michigan businesses. Both allow for easy, quick restoration of files: a simple, offsite data transfer and a full-bodied server replication program.

At the very least once a day, or once a week, does someone take your backup and make sure to place it in a safe offsite location? While swapping out hardware at your local office is better than no backup, TAZ Networks now recommends offsite backup to our clients as a more secure solution. After all, what happens the day you go to restore a file and find that the backup is missing or damaged? What if the swap wasn’t done? Now you are even farther behind.

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