Case Study: Considine Sales & Marketing

Founded: 1971
Owner: Jim Considine
Computer Care Advantage Client Since November 2007

Considine Sales & Marketing (CSM) is an independent manufacturers’ representative agency in the automotive specialty aftermarket industry. With sales and marketing professionals covering 15 states, remote access to files and time-critical pricing updates is essential to CSM’s day-to-day operations.

CSM had relied on a family friend to manage their network, but when that friend was no longer available, CSM began having server outages lasting three to four days, as well as suffering from spam and viruses and countless little problems that kept the network from functioning smoothly.

Getting critical price changes to manufacturers and customers while the server was down was cutting into productivity and profitability. Explains Anna Hay, office manager: “Sometimes we’d have to drive from here to Akron, Ohio to drop off a pricing CD. If we can’t get the pricing right, it can put a freeze on the whole deal and just get ugly. ”

“Every day that we were down and couldn’t receive communication from our customers, we lost money,” says Anna. “We needed someone who could do the server work that we weren’t able to do ourselves, and do it within a fixed time period.”

Another business owner recommended they contact TAZ Networks.

TAZ Networks found that the existing server hardware at CSM would not need replacing, just software updates and proper configuration for maximum functionality.

“We upgraded their server software and properly configured their Exchange email server to improve their communication issues,” explains Tavis Patterson, owner of TAZ Networks. “We also protected the network and got rid of their virus and spam issues with a new SonicWall® router/firewall and Trend antivirus and antispam software.”

Backups were another issue, as CSM had not gotten a solid backup in several months. Upgrading from an outdated tape system to hard drives provides additional security for their critical data.

Once the server, network, and remote users were configured properly, CSM joined the Computer Care Advantage plan offered by TAZ Networks, which keeps the network running smoothly with 24×7 monitoring, unlimited remote support, and a monthly maintenance visit at CSM’s Highland, Michigan office.

“You guys take really good care of us,” laughs Anna, “Knock on wood, we have not gone down for any long period of time, we haven’t lost anything. We don’t have a problem with our remote users logging on and accessing their information. Everybody’s able to continue working.”

And the best part for Anna? “I don’t have to work on the computers anymore! That is a really good thing.”

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