June 30, 2016

Can You Save Money on Your Computer Network by Moving to the Cloud?

Do you love spending money on servers, backup devices and IT upgrades? If not, maybe it’s time to move to the cloud. We try not to get our feelings hurt by the fact that no Read More…


June 20, 2016

We’ve Moved! Lessons Learned and IT Moving Reminders

After a long couple of weeks, TAZ Networks has moved into a new home. As any business knows, moving can be a major distraction to business operations. For a business like ours, where we have Read More…


June 15, 2016

Don’t Let Summer Heat Fry Your Server (or Your Profits!)

Could The Dog Days Of Summer Be A Threat To Your Business? With the “dog days” of summer upon us, most business owners are looking for ways to keep their company’s sales and profits HOT, Read More…


June 10, 2016

Why So Much Talk About Ransomware?

If it feels like we’re talking about ransomware a lot lately, well, we are. One of the reasons is that we’re hearing a lot more about it in the security community. And some of the Read More…

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