Do you lose countless hours a day battling with spam that eats up your time, energy and precious network bandwidth?

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Take back your email inbox and smile again! Our anti-spam solutions can improve productivity and security.

It’s been estimated that 90% of all email is spam.  And trying to stay one step ahead of the bad guys can be a full time job.  If you’re responsible for controlling the technology in your office you might be facing an relentless battle.  With Total Email Care from TAZ Networks for a low price per user per month we’ll make sure your email issues go away.  Our clients receive on average 1 spam email per week rather than hundreds or even thousands.

Total Email Care vaporizes viruses and flagrant email before they even reach your computer network.  Why is that important?   How hard is your existing email server working just to eradicate email that is not needed?  Let it work on what matters to you.  Total Email Care analyzes and cleans outgoing messages as well avoiding accidental spread of messages that could damage your good reputation.

Total Email Care will eliminate email that may be intended for users not even on your network or in your business any longer.  Why have your server work for users that your business no longer has?

Do you never work with foreign countries?  Then why would you allow email from them?  It might be time to clamp down on spam from other countries and we will help to get this done quickly and effectively for you.

Wonder if that list you subscribed to is a source of spam?  Then with our Instant Alias feature you can create an email on the fly and subscribe with that email address and shut it down when you notice that subscriber has obviously sold your email address to another party.

Get back your inbox and make sure that you remain absolutely on top of your game without tons of spam or viruses with our support and Total Email Care.



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