Do you need Email Encryption Services to meet compliance regulations?

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Frustrated with compliance requirements around email encryption? Let TAZ Networks simplify email encryption so your business can comply with today’s regulations.

We can’t state this more plainly: companies that do not encrypt emails containing sensitive information are at risk of regulatory fines, lawsuits, negative PR and a loss of company intellectual property. An increase in regulatory pressures, identity theft, and highly publicized security breaches in the media has made email encryption a necessity for any business handling Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or Protected Healthcare Information (PHI).

Companies dependent on building a relationship of trust with their customers and business partners cannot afford to risk such potential damages to their brand images. Email encryption is therefore an important piece of the security puzzle: it protects your company, your customers and business partners. The question then becomes how to implement this critical business process.

TAZ Email Encryption is part of our overall Email Care suite that keeps your inbox from becoming a gateway to a host of problems. Here’s how it works:

Sending an Encrypted Message is Simple and Convenient

There is NO end-user change in behavior. There is no software to install or configure. Easily encrypt a message on-demand by using a specific keyword (such as “secure”) right in the subject of the message.  You then receive inbox to inbox encryption.  Encryption policies can also be setup to automatically detect the presence of personally identifiable information such as social security numbers that should be encrypted whether or not the user remembers to use email encryption.  Also simply marking a message as “Confidential” can trigger encryption to be activated.

Secure Recipient Message Retrieval

The recipient will receive a message indicating that you’ve sent them an encrypted message, with a link to click on to retrieve it. After completing a one-time account creation, they will have secure access to the sent message.

Simple, Secure, and Affordable

If your company works with secure information, or you’re the administrator of a medical practice or otherwise responsible for meeting HIPAA requirements, contact us today to learn how TAZ Email Encryption can protect your business.

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