Tuesday, November 16, 2004

User Groups and Communities

Just had to give a shout out about our Michigan SBS User Group, MISBS. Since Bob Heiney and I started the group in February we have now grown to over 50 on our email list.

Last Wednesday we had our biggest meeting yet with about 30 in attendance at Microsoft's Michigan Location in Southfield. No doubt it was due to a nice presentation from Microsoft Partner Tech Specialist Brad Billison on Sharepoint Technologies.

Why do I mention this? Well we're seeing incredible momentum in the SBS community with feedback that can be given directly to Microsoft. Not to mention the fact that in only about 9 or 10 short months we've grown to be a solidified voice around SBS. So if you haven't joined or started a user group think about it! I must say that I do enjoy the time I spend at the user group now and look forward to it each month.

One of the favorite things right now about our user group is the open discussion time to answer questions, insights or comments from admins, consultants or just anyone interested in SBS. How everyone else does something is always of interest.

After the discussion, the meeting concludes but no one seems to go home for another 45 minutes to an hour as we all network and catch up on what happened the past month. This social networking will help anyone in the SBS field to get a better foothold on what's hot/not in the industry and what each of us should be thinking about for our individual businesses in the way of technology. Need a POS expert? There's usually one at the user group. Need a Terminal Services expert? Yep, usually there. Need someone versed in CRM or Great Plains? Yep you guessed it.

Enjoy the benefits now and take a look and see if a user group is in your area by checking out the SBS Community Page.